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ThinkCool Make Better Decisions

Evaluate and share decisions with focus on what's important and a full view of alternatives for greater satisfaction and less impulsiveness and regret.

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The ThinkCool process

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ThinkCool uses Nobel Prize-winning research described in the book Thinking, Fast and Slow to help you make more satisfying decisions that avoid marketing-led intuitions, heated emotional impressions and fast-thinking bias.

1. Resist your intuition

Your mind has two systems for making decisions. A fast-thinking intuitive system and a slow-thinking deliberative system. ThinkCool is all about engaging your slow-thinking system to make the decision only after you considered what's important and gathered a full picture of the alternatives.

2. Identify what's important

Before even thinking about the alternatives, consider what the important factors are that should influence YOUR decision.

3. Evaluate alternatives independently

Evaluate the pros and cons and subjective aspects of each alternative you are considering on each factor independently.

4. Compare and Share!

You now have the full picture and can compare the alternatives to make your decision, or share your assessments with others!